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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  January 20, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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chris dodd, byron dorgan, time out, we've got to do some change here, guys. they are going to move on. president obama, i think, needs to get tough here and he's got to solidify his base. if you can't ignite your base and give a clear direction of where you're going to go, you're not going to instill any confidence in the independent voters. >> the fact is, they are not confident that this white house has a clear path for the country. i think this is a defining moment for president obama. he's got to realize that this is about power. it's about power. you have the majority. ram, change through. it's not about bipartisanship and nice guys running around saying, oh, he's my real good friend. no. the republicans get it. when they had the power, they went for the jug gu lar. but the democrats don't do that. we're too nice. and i think president obama and
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his political team miscalculated how serious the righties were to unrail the agenda. >> it will break him and it will show that we k. along with the american people, begin to push those freedom solutions that work in every area of our society. >> well, let's see. that was back in july. and then we went through the vacation and town halls in august and then it was the stall of september, the obstruction of october, and the no in november and destruction in december. that's where we are. although everybody else says we're just so close to a great bill. the president was so intent on getting a bipartisan health care
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bill for a while, i think he was at fault for tap dancing along the olympia snows for a while. today they claim credit for massachusetts results. he said, "i'm not looking for vindication but i do believe that was a call to arms early in this race. i was one of the first who was willing to take the president on directly on an agenda that i thought was out of control. so i certainly don't regret saying it. if the president and the democrats don't get the message from massachusetts, it will be their waterloo. they just love that word, don't they? but they are challenging to their credit. mr. president, wake up big time. the republicans are not going to work with you on anything. you need to go to your base and get more support. you need to reset the button and independent voters will get a message, hey, this president is strong. he wants to take us in the direction where americans get
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health care. imagine that. health care for all americans. that is just too big for the republicans to wrap their arms around. it's all about the money with them. get your cell phones out tonight, folks. i want to know what you think. tonight's tech survey is, in his first year, in his first year, has president obama delivered change you can believe in. text a for yes and b for no to 622639. i'm bring you the results later on in the show. about an hour ago i spoke with robert gibbs. i kicked things off by asking him about senator demint's latest waterloo comments. i'd like you to address the comments by jim demint today. he referred back to his waterloo
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comments and saying that he gave the call to arms to the voters of massachusetts. he said that if the president and democrats don't get the message from massachusetts, it will be their waterloo. what is the white house's response to that? >> well, look, one of the things that happened yesterday as this election was going on in massachusetts, health insurance stocks gained $4 billion in market capitalization as a result of yesterday's election. so understand clearly that jim demint and others have positioned themselves in lock, stock, and barrel, if i can use that reference, working on behalf of insurance companies to prevent people from getting the type of reforms and the type of affordable health care that they need. that's one of the arguments that we're going to have going forward. are you on the side of big insurance companies forbidding children from getting access to health insurance that have pre-existing conditions or are you on the side of that family? i think senator demint and
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everybody is going to have to answer to the voters on that question next year. >> so why didn't the independent voters in massachusetts get that message? what happened? >> well, i think there's plenty of blame to go around for what happened yesterday in massachusetts. the white house will take their portion of that blame. i think campaigns matter. we've got to run stronger, better campaigns. >> does the white house shoulder any responsibility for losing the seat that ted kennedy held for over 40 years? >> i don't think there's any doubt, as i said earlier, that we bear some responsibility. i think that there are many people that do, the coakley campaign. we all bear responsibility because as i said yesterday in the white house, the president was surprised and frustrated to be at this point because we always believed that we would win this seat and we didn't. >> mr. gibbs, the white house has taken a great deal of criticism from the democratic
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base for not being tough enough or strong enough on health care reform and playing into the stall game that the republicans have enacted that started back in july, actually. and then today the late news was that senator harry reid says that nothing else is going to be done on health care until scott brown, the senator from massachusetts, is seated. when he's been advertised as the 41st vote to block health care reform. does the president go along with this tragedy to wait for the obstructionist to show up? why not move forward? >> one of the ways that is being discussed to get health care reform, to make it a reality, is to work on the house senate bill. but the president agrees that the people of massachusetts have spoken. whether we endorse that candidate or not, and health care reform legislation isn't going to go through the senate until senator elect brown becomes senator brown.
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but that doesn't have to stop health care reform, ed. the president understands the anger and frustration that the american people feel about the economic situation that this country is facing that we have 10% unemployment, that millions of people have lost their jobs over the last course of the two years of the recession and even before that they felt economic in security. the president understands that anger. but that doesn't mean that we'll stop fighting for middle class families and that we'll stop fighting to make college more affordable to create clean energy. >> does the president feel like his base is with him because there's a lot of criticism from the left and even after this election he's going to be closely watched on which way he goes, that there's a sell out to big pharma, that this is nothing but a gift to the insurance industry. >> hold on, ed. let's call a quick time out. i'll take a 20 second time-out.
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the insurance companies are fighting. what are we trying to do? hold on. i know it's "the ed show" but it's robert's time for 20 seconds. >> exactly. >> if what happened yesterday caused insurance stocks to increase in a market cap by $4 billion and the guy that they elected wants to stop health care, how is it -- i don't understand the math that it would make while we're trying to do to make pro health insurance. i hear that is a criticism but i know there are smart people like you, they are smart people like me, there are smart people all across the country that understand that's simply not the case and i think they continue to say that there's a tremendous disservice for all of those that have, through blood, sweat, and tears, gotten this close. let's not do what we're really good at in the democratic party. let's not get a big room, right, let's not get a big room, in a
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big circle, and fight with each other. let's pass health care reform. let's make sure that that family, in waterloo, iowa, because a big insurance company in this country said, your child can't get covered because we determined he has a pre-existing condition. if we get this bill passed, that insurance company won't be able to say no and if you think the insurance companies are for that, i've got a bridge i'll sell you for cheap. >> i'll tell you what, i'll take you up on that offer because the left-wing base of this country, that supported this president, does not believe that the white house fought hard enough for a public option or for a mechanism that should give direct competition to the insurance industry. now, whether the stocks went up yesterday or not -- >> ed, if that were the case, why were the insurance companies buying ads fighting health insurance? why are they doing it?
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>> it's a nice show game that they are playing. >> ed, you are a smart guy. >> let me ask the question. >> let me ask the question. >> somebody is going to ask you some questions. >> you're a smart guy. >> and 40 million customers are going to be handed to the insurance industry. is that reform? >> well, what we're going to do is make sure every person is covered. that's been the progressive dream. >> that's a good part of it. >> that understand, ed, we're going to make health insurance companies do what they don't want to do. if you think they want to give health insurance it to that child that has a pre-existing condition -- >> hold on, ed, let me -- let's have a conversation. won't talk over you, you won't talk over me. >> that's right. but you've filibustered me twice. >> i don't want to use the term filibuster because let's be honest, you and i don't have the votes to do a filibuster. if you think health insurance companies want to cover that child, why do they say no to
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covering him right now. why won't they be forced to cover him when we pass this bill? they don't like this bill, ed. you know they don't like this bill. let's tell people not what they want to hear but what we need to know. which is that the health care reform is this close. >> everybody else is that close z all right. the. >> health insurance companies don't like it. we're going to close this gap. >> they do like it. >> no, they don't. we're going to close this gap, cover everybody in this country, cut costs for millions of americans, and that child, right now, that has to sit on the other end of the phone, their mother has to listen to an insurance company decide the health of their child, that is never going to happen again. >> mr. gibbs, okay, i'm out of time with you tonight. i wish i could have asked you why there's no public option and why is your base leaving this president? i think that that is something the white house needs to address. i really appreciate your time tonight and there are some -- >> i'm happy to come back and do
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this often. >> you can do it tomorrow night if you want to. i have time for you any time. >> i will see you tomorrow night. >> okay. thanks so much. >> i might have hit too close to home tomorrow. i look forward to tomorrow night's interview. i want to know what the white house's reaction is to the base that is disgruntled. are they going to be able to navigate through the agenda with the base all upset? coming up, arianna huffington and congressman anthony wiener has drawn his own line. he's flat out rejected the senator election. also, psycho talk. you're watching "the ed show" on msnbc. with prego, it's all about the sauce. in a blind taste test,
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welcome back to "the ed show." scott brown's for the gop -- have you thought about this? we've got another brown ee in the united states senate. i can't get away from this story. he's got many on the left a bit shaken and questioning, hey, where's the party currently stand on a lot of issues? but this can be a lesson learned
6:17 pm
to prevent a much bigger problem in the upcoming november the one good thing, as long as there's an election between now and november, how do the democrats recover from this? >> well, that's why i feel it can be a blessing from disguise. as you said, there's a long time between now and november in political terms. and the thing about the job of the president, ed, is that you can never really prepare for it. so if the president is willing to learn from what happened last night and it can really be an
6:18 pm
amazing transformation. he can be the great president that we all ex equity being pekt him to be when there was this incredible excitement about his election and inauguration exactly a year ago today. what robert gibbs said about caring for the people left behind, words are not going to cut it right now, ed. it has to be action. he's the president. his party is in charge of the house and the senate. there's an enormous amount that he has to do and say. you and i can talk about how frustrated and angry we are. but here's the president. and there's a whole list of things that he can do, starting with some personnel changes. if he really means it, if he really hears what the voters said last night, about the fact that they believe that the white house and the democrats are more
6:19 pm
on the side of wall street than main street, this is not just the base. this is not just progressives. this is independence, unlikely voters and republicans. he has to bring in someone day in, day out. they can actually fight for the middle class. >> you'll find more middle classers than independence than in any other party. looking at the results last night of where the independent vote went, was this just a significant moment for the white house saying, hey, we're not connecting with the middle class and we better get it in gear, which in turn might bring them to the conclusion that they have to pass health care reform?
6:20 pm
what do you think? >> well, the kind of bill is not the independence or the majority of the american people want. so what are they going to do? >> they don't want to believe it. they don't want to hear that. the white house does not want to hear that it's a give away to the insurance industry. he interrupted me when i was asking that question. they are thin skinned about that. they have to stop saying, as he said today to george, he said it's a communication problem.
6:21 pm
it's not a communication problem. it's a substance problem. he's been communicating nonstop since he became president that people do not believe that he really has their best interests in mind. we own 20% of citigroup. he could actually separate that bank and force to stop charges the ridiculous rates, to modify mortgages and do the things that have the things with middle class families happening right now. he said that was really a rallying cry and if the white house doesn't get it together they are going to have another waterloo in november. we asked the audience if the
6:22 pm
election was a referendum on obama. why do it if it's always a constant give away? >> well, when obama got elected, nobody thought that he basically meant, yes, we can, provide olympia snow come along. the thing that makes me optimistic, if you ride you can cost correct. are they going to do it? are they going to simply change rhetoric? >> i want to leave you with this one survey tonight.
6:23 pm
we have a long way to go. there are a lot of people out there waiting to see what the president does between now and the long term. thank you. >> thank you, ed. >> coming up, in his victory speak, scottie brown said something that seemed to mortify his teenage daughters. that's next.
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and in psych tow talk tonight, starting off with the he used part of the speech for the date for his daughters. just in case anybody is watching, yes, they were available. just kidding. still made it into the zone
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tonight. while criticizing brown, he went off on to a tangent about men and women. >> every dad has done stupid things that you get home and your wife says, why the heck -- you cannot figure women out. you don't know the psychosis that is chickdom. guys, you can figure out food sex, that's it. we're sip pel. women are psychos. >> now, glenn, i'm not going to harg with you when you say you don't understand women. coming up, today, the president hits the one-year mark in the
6:29 pm
white house. a new nbc news poll shows that americans are losing patience with him. in my playbook, advice for how he can get back on track with the middle class. plus, katrina's take on massachusetts and lannie davis is warming up for his turn in the hot seat. you're watching "the ed show" on msnbc. stay with us. (announcer) only bayer's contour meter has programmable personal high low settings. it allows me to make sure that my diabetes is controlled as tightly as possible. (announcer) the contour meter, only from bayer. if you choose a sauce based only on the label, you might be missing something. with prego, it's all about the sauce. in a blind taste test, more people preferred prego over bertolli. the sweet and savory taste of prego. it's in there.
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less than 24 hours after the polls closed in massachusetts, brown's victory is affecting health care reform. senator harry reid sounded like a republican when talking about health care. he said, we're not going to rush into anything. okay. the bill is not going to move forward until the senate.
6:33 pm
it would go straight to the president's desk without another senate vote. a lot of progressives are not on for that vote. katrina, let me say, how do you read what happened last night and what has to take place for the democrats moving forward? >> you know, there isn't any establishment and democratic pop
6:34 pm
pew lift is and people working in this country and to show that they are committed to creating jobs and addressing the pain in this country. good congressmen in a tough district in virginia, western virginia, tom said something smart the other day. he said, we've got to start protecting our jobs in congress and start worrying about protecting american jobs. a year after being knifed by this republican party, give up the post partisanship, bipartisanship. maybe go trans partisan, but stop with ruining these republicans who want to create your waterloo every evening. >> yep. >> and, you know what? the only thing you have to fear,
6:35 pm
president obama, is caution itself. stand tall. >> a lot of people on the left, the progressive movement, think that the president hasn't been tough enough, that after the game plan was spilled out by jim did i mint, it's like the white house was tone deaf to that. does the white house yes, they are totally out of touch and if they say no, it tells us that they are willing to make a calculated risk to try to get more republicans on, i guess for the good of the order. it doesn't make any sense to me. and i think the base is really wavering. what do you think? >> what an extra ordinary campaign they ran. why demobilize the base and start playing in govern nans when you demobilize the base by
6:36 pm
doing that. this country, let's do a little bit of power structure analysis. the history of our country is the ongoing between organized country and people. they face a wall of money. they play too much, the pharmaceutical industry, moving forward, those industries don't have use for reform. >> no. >> if this president wants to go down as an historic president, a reformed president, stand with the people, trust the people. independence, ed, part of what is going on in this country is people are fed up with big banks, big business. i think you ruin independence if you show that you are on their side. go into the communities and show that effective, smart, not big government, has a role to play
6:37 pm
in. >> heeding the particular concerns of the voters of massachusetts last night, we heard, we will heed, we will move forward with their considerations in mind but we will move forward for health care. >> does that mean that they are going to pass the senate bill? what's going to happen? >> here's the reality check again. the analysis in the way that our system is configured, you've got to abolish any fill lee buses sister but we're here. because that's one way. it has to be fixed. but i think if the democratic party, after a year, doesn't
6:38 pm
pass a bill it is not a good sign for those moving forward and actions that need to be taken. >> thank you so much. i think you're right on that as well. thank you so much. >> let's go to our panel. a.b., let me take your temperature on this tonight. i'm surrendering, no public option. let's make it official here. this is not a shot over the bow. this is a direct hit to the democrats. if they lose independent voters across the country the way they did last night, we're going see a sea change in this count try. >> absolutely. if you can't win independence in massachusetts after these gubernatorial na tore yell and also losing independence, you're
6:39 pm
looking at a very difficult year. and it really spells trouble for democrats. i think thatted it national party apparatus share the blame with martha for losing massachusetts, though, and the ted kennedy seat because they really could have seen this coming. half the state is affiliated voters. they knew that independence were leaving the obama administration. >> you've got independent voters, how do you politically put this thing back together? is passing health care the correct thing to do? >> without question. let's be clear about one thing. every voter in massachusetts already has health care because they passed it at the state level. >> but some polling showses that they want a public option and that they didn't fight hard enough with this bill. >> that may be. as i was watching returns last
6:40 pm
night and this morning, the question i was asking is what would tom delay would do. with this bill on the one-yard line and extends coverage to 30 million people, and cleans up the insurance companies and requires them to abandon their discriminatory practices, it will cost over the lorng term. nancy pelosi drives this over the line and you move to the jobs bill -- >> he said we're not going to do anything until we put scottie brown in. but this seems to be a benchmark. they want everybody to love them and people are becoming
6:41 pm
impatient end, the ones that support them. what do you think? >> i think you're right. i don't know if he'll change but i understand your frustration there are not 60 votes for it. wavering democrats in the senate caucus to take that vote on christmas eve morning. it wouldn't happen. the only choice is to push through the house and you are looking not only at liberals but conservatives as well. but they don't have the numbers to pass that bill through. but i agree which. it will look like a failure to not have health care reform.
6:42 pm
other big issues, like the jobs bill and holding big banks accountable. there isn't one republican at this juncture that happened last night that is really willing to help barack obama become a president of the united states. go back to the limbo mentality and they will think up anything that they possibly can. great to have with you us. i've got to run. coming up, he's only at the end of the first quarter but the crowd isn't exactly going wild. my advice for how the president can call it audible. that's next in the playbook. what's our favorite part of honey bunches of oats?
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one year ago today president obama took office and promised change. tonight's text survey is, in his first year has the president delivered change you can believe in? text a for yes and b for no. we've got the results coming up up. ntage... has gingko for memory and concentration. plus support for bone and breast health. just what i need! one a day women's.
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48% of americans aplof of the job that president obama is doing compared to 60% last year. they say that it dropped 12% and when asked about the direction of the company, the direction it's headed, 44% now think we're on the right track, which is down from 41% in february of 2009. for more on that, let's bring in sam stein, huffington post. i want to throw out, the
6:47 pm
president's handling of health care is at 38% and also the republican's number is at 26%. what do you make of these numbers? who is winning, who is losing, and what is the next move? >> clearly the obama administration is lagging a bit here. obviously you don't want to see your numbers go down. if you look at enthusiasm and those in support of president obama, those are down as well they are arguing a negative scenario. they are saying, things would have been so much better off if they had the stimulus package but health care reform after 11 months hasn't been achieved until you show that you make political progress. did health care have anything to do with it if anybody in massachusetts has an option?
6:48 pm
>> well, that is one thing that i think has gone unreported. everyone essentially has health care. when we look at the health care bills, we're talking about helping 31 million folks that don't have health care. so i don't know what that played in the election. i'm doing some reporting to find out -- you see a lot of poll numbers that show that health care did play a role and there's a republican pollster and i think there's a perception right now that the obama administration is doing too many back room deals and the obama administration has to cut its ties to wall street. >> did this guy do a good job of masquerading them? this guy is dick cheney all over again. >> well, not any -- there's a real post up on the review showing that there's a referendum on waterboarding which i find hard to believe. but scott brown was very much
6:49 pm
dick cheney on foreign policy. he cast himself as an independent and drove a truck. if you wanted to date his daughter he was available. he was very much your guy next door. he campaigned with doug and things that people like. but he didn't give you much substance and certainly not in time for the republican party. >> sam stein, always a pleasure. good to have you on. thank you. >> thank you. turning now to the situation in haiti. aftershocks measuring 6.0 rocked haiti this morning. but thankfully no significant casualties has been reported. today 4,000 additional sailors and marines have been deployed for assistance in the relief efforts. the u.s. state department now says that 4800 americans are still unaccounted for at this time. stay tuned to msnbc for news as this story develops. come. coming up, former white
6:50 pm
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welcome back to "the ed show." scottie brown goes to the senate. i'm putting lanny davis on the hot seat tonight. tonight we've got independence our pealing off, democratic base that is disgruntled and you're
6:54 pm
blaming the good lefties. what is going on here, lanny? good to have you on. >> first of all, i always thank you for having me on. we have to recognize that we have a by partisan bill that makes progress even if it's only incremental and he wasn't in favor of the john mccains, lindsey grahams, and especially olympia snow and collins and say, what can we pass that you support. let's take one step down a journey of a long, long road but we need to do incremental reform and have nothing. >> the congressional black caucus are in there, a lot of middle class folks that we're
6:55 pm
counting on change. you just having to patient and take what they can get. >> i don't think there's an issue that you can name that i'm not a liberal on. but i think -- >> and why are you cutting in? why do you want to cave in on everything? >> because i want something better than nothing. if we can't get 100% of the 31 million uninsured that are suffering without health insurance and if we can gets 25% or john mccain and let's get something pass that gets us down the road of reform. >> how do you motivate the reform and say, god. >> they say we can't get everything this year. the polls are against us. the mood is against us. we have to focus on jobs ichb
6:56 pm
credit mentally. >> how are you supposed to work with a mental tea and mind set with the republicans, it's waterloo? these people can't work with them, lanny. >> that's the best concern that i have about my position and, as u usual, you strike the most problem with my situation. that and if i'm wrong, we tried and we fail. we never welcome john mccain, lindsey graham, oregon rin hatcher. let's try. and i think barack obama ran on that basis, representative of a new politics in this country. let's give him a chance and not as liberals compromise to get incremental change. >> so single payer never on the table, public option is out.
6:57 pm
40 million customers to the insurance agency. what we're down to is the substance of it is we'd have a subsidy for people under $90,000 and a pre-existing condition in there and close the loophole in medicare. and maybe they will get to the prescription drug thing and work on that. you think that's a lot? we're playing cards now. you're taking that deck. that's enough. you're ready to go with that. >> i have insurance and you have insurance. if i did not have insurance and worried about bankruptcy of one member of my bankruptcy gets sick or if my child has a fever, i'd have to go to a public hospital and i'd be in favor of going john mccain and say, senator mccain -- >> got you. appreciate you being on.
6:58 pm
>> 79% of you said no. that's "the ed show." chris matthews is next with hardball. we'll see you tomorrow night what the truck happened in massachusetts? let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm it chris matthews. health hazard, lexington and concord in massachusetts, a commonwealth that has been electing liberal democrats for half a semplgry has elected a conservative republican as its new u.s. senator. what was behind it? an attractive candidate driving a truck, a democratic candidate
6:59 pm
politically off base she didn't know the red sox and catholics shouldn't work in emergency rooms. anger over health care, president obama, all of that senator evan bayh said these guys are too politically comatose to know what planet they are living on. what about health care? was the cradle of liberty the death bed of obama care? speaker pelosi says health care will pass one way or the other but some worried democrats in the house and the senate, liberals and moderates are saying the bill can't move the way it is. can president obama give up on health care after invest ing somuch heart and soul into it? let's bring in howard dean tonight. he'll tell us. ask yourself this, how scared are the democrats now? last night's stunner is sure to convince marginal democrats it is time to retire, quit politics and certainly promising republicans it is time to run for office if you have been thinking about it. looking at the growing endangered species list for democrats. plus t


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